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Sharing a post by Secret London on my range of Spreadable Alcohols, exclusively made for Fenwick

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Make A Toast! That’s Right, Spreadable Prosecco Is Actually A Thing



Prosecco on toast? It’s revolutionary.

Prosecco: the official drink of the festive season. (Besides mulled wine and Bailey’s hot chocolate, of course). But the question is, should it stay in the glass? Jam & Tipple don’t think so.

We’re not entirely sure how to feel about this new trend. Any time Prosecco infiltrates another medium, we’re always a little sceptical. Prosecco crisps? Nah. Prosecco-flavoured pink cheese? Vom. But Prosecco preserve? Hmmm.

Jam & Tipple is a family run business, established in 2015. Their boozy jams are handmade in the UK and, according to them, they’re good for any occasion. Try them with cheese and meats, they say. Or meringues and scones, they say. But we’re still not entirely convinced…

It doesn’t stop at Prosecco, either. Jam & Tipple have a full collection of boozy artisan jams. In fact, it’s all they make.

How about G&T on toast?


Or a bit o’ beer on your bagel?


Amaretto to go with some Wensleydale, perhaps?


Or some Mojito for your muffin?

MOJITOEven a cheeky bit of mulled wine on a nice festive crumpet? It is Christmas, after all.


These boozy jams are exclusively available at Fenwick. They’re £4.20 a piece, but you’d better hurry – apparently alcoholic preserves are very popular. You’ll find Fenwick at 63 New Bond Street, W1S 1RQ.